*Rogers: Current and Previous Courses

MTH 110 Introduction to Concepts in Mathematics and Computing

MTH 111 Introduction to Mathematical Methods and Applications

MTH 121 College Algebra

MTH 132 Precalculus

MTH 151 Calculus I

MTH 152 Calculus II

MTH 162 Analysis for the Business and Social Sciences

MTH 251 Calculus III

MTH 301 Discrete Mathematics

MTH 325 Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Teachers I

MTH 327 Essentials of Statistics

MTH 331 Foundations of Geometry

MTH 341 Differential Equations

MTH 342 Applied Analysis

MTH 345 Elementary Statistics

MTH 346 Statistics for Scientists

MTH 348/ECO 418 Advanced Statistics/Econometrics

MTH 351 Mathematics of Finance

MTH 361 Abstract Algebra

MTH 362 Linear Algebra

MTH 381 Advanced Calculus

MTH 400 Research Methods in Mathematics

MTH 421 Probability Theory

MTH 422 Mathematical Statistics

MTH 434 Complex Variables

MTH 444 Topology

MTH 498 Topics in Mathematics: Mathematical Statistics

MTH 498 Topics in Mathematics: Number Theory

PHY 108 Introduction To Science Experiments

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